Mixdown & Mastering

diiTuning Labs has mixed and mastered music on labels around the world, including Intec, Cr2, Bush, KMS, Pure Music and Detone.

Single Track Mastering

  • This involves sending a single stereo WAV file to be mastered
  • The aim is to keep your mix’s integrity and serve the music, making it ready for distribution
  • The masters will be compliant for iTunes, CD and other digital formats


  • This involves sending the mix broken down to main parts (kick, snare, basslines, vocals) to be mixed
  • Your music will be maximised for clarity, style and translation to different mediums.
  • You have the option of mastering the mix afterwards.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The pricing system is as follows:

  • Single Track (Stereo WAV Export) Mastering – $60 Per Song
  • Mixdown – $150 Per Song
  • Mixdown + Mastering Combo – $200 Per Song


Audeze LCD-X
Genelec 8010
Logitech UE Megaboom

Triumph Audio Designer
Logic Pro 10

Maag EQ 4
Manley Massive Passive

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Fabfilter Pro-MB
iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced Maximiser

Universal Audio Apollo

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